# How to use the Document (Files) app

The Document app is part of the Android system. The advantage is that users can use it to directly access files from a variety of sources (any application that implements DocumentProvider, such as Google Drive). The downside is that Document app can be a bit difficult to use. This help will teach you how to use the file app.

First, if you are using Document app for the first time, the internal storage of device is displayed by default. You need to select "Show internal storage" from the three-point menu at the upper right corner to show internal storage.

Next, you need to know that you can switch the current location by swiping right or clicking the three-line icon at upper left corner. If you use it for the first time, the default location may be "Recent". You can't create files at this location. You need to select the location you want to save.

# Document app not found?

The package name of Document app is com.android.documentui

# Using a highly customized system

On some highly customized systems (such as MIUI), Document app may be disabled or even deleted. You need to find out how to solve the problem by Google it.

# Disabled

Go to System Settings - Applications, find Document (Files) app and enable it.

# Deleted

Document app is part of the Android system. If you find that the system you are using does delete the Document app, we strongly recommend you switch to another system because it is ridiculous to delete an important system component.