2.0.1 (2019-09-27)

  • Fix "Shared folder" rules not work

2.0.0 (2019-09-27)

  • Check the "Shared folder" and "Sync folder" rules (the problematic rules will be deleted or disabled), and the next version will provide more detailed tips and tutorials for this issue
  • Fixed several issues with the "Sync folder" rule
  • Fixed separate "Fix app interaction" switch broken
  • Enhanced mode v20.1: Fixed an issue with the "Fix app interaction" feature on OnePlus Android 10 (and possibly others)
  • Lots of UI improvements

1.9.1 (2019-09-09)

  • Fix the problem that "Fix app interaction" may not work
  • Add an option to use status bar & navigation bar
  • Fix several UI bugs

1.9.0 (2019-09-08)

  • Enhanced mode v20.0: Fix the problem that redirection not work for apps installed in external storage card when using Adoptable Storage
  • Enhanced mode v20.0: Change the implementation of "Fix app interaction", no longer be break by "Xposed Taichi", it may also solve some other problems
  • Enhanced mode v20.0: "Fix app interaction" can be switched individually for each app
  • Fix the problem that some configs can't be restored by backup feature
  • Allow OP_REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES automatically on Android Q (since the change of it will trigger remount by the system)

1.8.3 (2019-08-30)

  • Fix some UI bugs
  • Fix a critical problem under "Basic mode"

1.8.2 (2019-08-27)

  • Handle special system apps (appId < 10000 or appId > 19999, appId = uid % 100000)
  • Don't fix permission for special system apps
  • Other bug fixes and UI improvements

1.8.1 (2019-08-26)

  • Improve the process of selecting "Accessible folders"
  • Directly choose apps of "Accessible folders template"
  • Fix the problem that running apps with storage isolation enabled will be invalid when service start on Android Q
  • Fix high CPU usage if stay in the app for long
  • Fix other apps using API (not published yet) will crash
  • Other bug fixes and UI improvements

1.8.0 (2019-08-17)

  • When choosing "Accessible folders", multiply templates and custom can be chosen at the same time
  • Add "Folders analysis", learn the size of folders in isolated storage
  • Automatically create folders in "Accessible folders" if not exists
  • Some UI improvements and bug fix

1.7.5 (2019-08-06)

  • Fix "Synced folder" feature is broken

1.7.4 (2019-08-05)

  • Use FLAG_PERMISSION_SYSTEM_FIXED to fix permission on Android Q
  • Provide a solution for Huawei devices, see here
  • Fix "Synced folder" feature not trying to handle "move files from target folder" event
  • Improve English translation
  • Other minor changes


  • Fix "Code 5"
  • Other bug fix


  • Basic mode now works on Android Q beta 4
  • Correctly handle hide/unhide (commonly used by "Freeze" apps)
  • Change target SDK version to 29 (Android Q)


  • Fix app list not refreshed after restoring backup
  • Use a more reliable method to monitor app install/uninstall
  • Notify user if no browser app available when opening help documents
  • Fix a bug related "Fix app interaction issues"
  • Other bug fix
  • UI improve


  • Fix Enhanced mode not work for apps starts early than core service


  • Fix apps not starting on new users
  • Support Android Q beta 3 (including Enhanced mode)
  • Remove the ability to choose "Android/sandbox" as isolated storage path since from Q beta 3 the system sandbox is only used for apps which declared support the sandbox


  • Clear config (app info - storage - clear/manage data) feature dose clear all configs now
  • Filter duplicates or incorrect mounts in the final stage to avoid problems from user misuse
  • Fix "Fix app interaction issues" may incorrectly handle files in Android/data(media, obb)/package


  • Fix app interaction issues (Enhanced mode): Grant content uri permission
  • UI improve


  • Fix app interaction issues (Enhanced mode): Always convert file uri to content uri on Android Q
  • Enhanced mode: remove disable file uri expose check since it is meaningless
  • Allow choosing "Android/sandbox" as isolated storage path on Android Q
  • Other bug fix


  • Enhanced mode works on Android Q
  • Enhanced mode: force disable file uri expose check for Android Q system ui
  • Improve App settings UI
  • Try fix config lost (should be extremely rare), add "Debug info" for users to investigate this problem
  • Fix storage permission can't be revoked if redirect is already disabled


  • Add "View gallery as this app", you can learn which photos the app can access
  • Bug fix & UI improve


  • Works on Android Q DP2 (enhanced mode not supported yet)
  • Change behavior, mount Android/media/xxx & Android/obb/xxx by default
  • Huge UI improve
  • Fix "Fix app interaction issues" never worked on some devices


  • Continue fixing bugs caused by "Fix app interaction issues"
  • Continue renaming options


  • Fix new storage permission method breaks on MIUI
  • Fix "Fix app interaction issues" feature causes app breaks on some situations (if extra contains Parcelables from non-BootClassloader)


  • (Android 6.0-7.1) Fix "Fix app interaction issues" feature cause app crash or all media not shown

  • Continue renaming options, app name would even change in the future

  • Reduce extra app launching time

    On my OnePlus 3T, average extra time reduced from 0.3s to 0.16s

    • Enforce storage permission with API (do not need check everytime), save average 0.04s
    • (only on 7.0+) Limit "File monitor" hook target, save average 0.1s


  • Enhancement module v19, please upgrade as soon as possible

    • "Fix app interaction issues": try bypassing the problem that apps use "Tencent app protect" (腾讯乐固) will crash (v19)
    • "Fix app interaction issues": fix some media are filtered incorrectly (app 1.5.1, v19)
    • "Fix app interaction issues": fix app may crash when "Access files from other redirected app" rules enabled (v18.1)


  • New Enhancement module v18

    Rewrite "Fix file uri" feature, upgrade to "Fix app interaction issues" feature

  • UI change

  • Rename some options, reduce the understanding difficulty


  • Fix "Synced folders" feature is broken in 1.4.8


  • Fix regex check of "Synced folders" rules is not proceed when enabling the rule
  • Revoke app storage permission automatically when disabling redirect
  • Other bug fix


  • Fix Enhancement module installation error reporting
  • Fix Google purchase issue reporting
  • Bad connection with Google Play will not freeze the whole app forever (but 5s)
  • Fix "Fix file uri" feature in Enhancement module may sometimes crash redirected app
  • Correctly report some type of error on start
  • Other bug fix


  • Improve Enhancement module installation detection and provide solution
  • Improve "Invalid license" page
  • Bug fix


  • Bug fix


  • Report Enhancement module not correctly installed
  • Improve home


  • Fix license check


  • New home page

  • Rename/re-layout options, reduce the understanding difficulty

    • "Non-redirect folders" -> "Read/writable folders in real storage"
    • "Link" -> "Synced folders"
  • New Enhancement module v17, not more "I can't open redirected apps"

  • Fix tons of bugs


  • Fix bug of Enhance module v16


  • Enhance module v16, fix a problem related to passing file uri (Example: can't open a received file in WeChat)
  • New native starter (for some strange devices without executables like chmod, rm)
  • Fix bugs related to link feature
  • Other minor bug fix


  • Fix mask template for link rule editor
  • Add "Link function only" filter in "Logcat"
  • Minor bug fix


  • Add "Kill Media Storage on start" option (on some devices, Media Storage can use all CPU on boot, kill it can solve the problem (it can be started by other apps later))
  • Add mask template for link rule editor
  • Try to detect no log
  • Minor bug fix


  • Add "Shared folder" to solve the problem that files created by a redirected app can't be used by another redirected app
  • Refreshed detail UI
  • Enhanced "Redirect storage viewer"
  • Enhanced filter for "File monitor"
  • Enhance module v15, fix the problem that redirect apps can't move files between specific folders (Example: bilibili can't save gif)
  • Minor bug fix


  • Enhanced "Non-redirect folders" template mechanism
  • Show conflicting rule info


  • Simplified detail UI
  • Try to support other su, confirmed support MagiskSU, SuperSU, LineageOS addonsu now
  • Fix the problem that server may send wrong progress to client when change "Default redirect target"
  • Delete redirected app config after that app uninstall
  • Improve app list performance
  • Improve chooser dialogs
  • Improve File monitor
  • Add non standard behavior check (use file monitor data)


  • Fix UI not refreshed when add link rules online
  • Fix the problem that "You have already own this item" happens on some Google Play users


  • Add "Non-redirect folders" template, you can create different templates for different situations and apply them quickly
  • Enhance module v14, changes behavior, may avoid some special problems on some devices
  • Bug fix


  • New logcat UI
  • Fix unpaid state check
  • Migrate to AndroidX library


  • Improve user experience
  • Minor bug fix


  • Fix "Launch" button not work


  • Improve user experience
  • Bug fix


  • Add White / Light blue theme
  • Try to hide overlay packages
  • Fix can't open installer in file browser
  • Fix some link rules can't be added
  • Bug fix


  • Add manually set /data/media path for some special devices
  • Bug fix


  • Fix Android/data can be chosen as a "Non-redirect folder"
  • Bug fix


  • New theme
  • New detail UI
  • Add local link rule
  • Multi-user support
  • Fix backup bug, but backup files created before 1.0.0-rc1 is unavailable
  • Try to detect real internal storage path


  • Fix bug


  • "Non-redirect folder" (old "Standard folder") is now customizable like "Redirect target folder"
  • Add Backup & restore
  • Works with LineageOS's addonsu, but some non-core feature may break, still recommended to use Magisk
  • Fix crash when change filter in the main list
  • Fix redirected files may not be moved when change redirect target folder in some cases


  • Fix link feature not on some (old? special?) devices
  • Try to fix owner of linked files' is 0 on older Android system (chown ourselves)


  • Fix a critical bug that if an app's redirect target is set different from the default, it will not able to access files in public folders
  • Fix others bugs in 0.17.x


  • Add set redirect target folder (globally and pre-app)
  • Add app installed notification
  • Also kill by uid when force stop package (for OnePlus stock ROM)
  • Improved "Share helper"
  • Bug fix


  • Add file stat for Redirect storage viewer
  • Fix the problem that anyone is displayed as purchased
  • Auto clean old server files
  • Try to "fix" IAP problem "You have already own this item"
  • Link files from target to source when enabling link rules


  • Enhanced File monitor: load more & filter by path / app
  • Force grant storage permission for redirected apps
  • Try to fix bug of link function (when create and delete files in a very short time)
  • Create ".nomedia" file in Android/data/xxx automatically
  • Add shortcut for File monitor (Android 7.1+)
  • Fix crash when open help if no browser app installed
  • Add more tips
  • Fix bugs in 0.16.1 / 0.16.2


  • Files downloaded by redirected apps can be managed in Android's Files (DocumentUI) app
  • Fix log parse (only some special ROM)
  • Add "Show disabled apps" filter
  • New app list style
  • In-app logcat now catches logs from more sources


  • Fix reboot when new file created in folders monitored by link function (only on 8.0)
  • Fix a bug of file monitoring function of the link function


  • Try to fix crash on boot (only some users)
  • Fix log parse (only some special ROM)
  • Auto shrink file monitor database file


  • Enhance module v12.1

    Fix problem that all apps unable to access the storage (only appears on some devices), but it brings some minor problems (only happens on limited situation), check Help for detail.

  • Other minor changes


  • New Enhance module (check Settings and Help)
  • File monitor: monitor file access in public storage (requires "Enhance module")
  • Try to fix bugs in 0.14.3


  • Try to fix bugs in 0.14.1 / 0.14.2
  • Magisk module v10 (check Help & support)


  • Provide new Magisk module to solve the problem that redirected apps still create files sometimes, check Help & support for detail
  • New native daemon
  • Adapt Magisk v16.4
  • Improve UI
  • App list will be loaded correctly now even if instant app is installed (Android 8.0's bug)


  • Link rule: fix the problem that some files are skipped


  • Fix the problem that some processes are ignored on some special ROMs
  • Link rule: ignore file which extension ends with tmp or temp by default


  • Some bug fix


  • Fix the problem that some process is not redirected (from 0.12.6)
  • Link rule: handle file downloaded notification by our app


  • Should work on Android P DP1
  • Link rules ignore .tmp / .temp by default
  • Some minor changes


  • Update Magisk module (download from Help & support)
  • Some minor changes


  • New link rules UI
  • Mark outdated (not exists in online configuration) link rules
  • Try to avoid some magic
  • Add "Share helper"


  • Add more log for starter
  • More core files to /data/adb
  • Try to avoid strange behavior on some devices when using Magisk module


  • The core feature should works perfectly on all devices
  • Provide Magisk module for starting before all apps (see Help & support)


  • Fix major issue on some devices
  • Add tip when log may be disabled
  • Linked files will only be deleted when redirected app is running in the foreground


Version 0.11.2 changed some implementation details, to avoid some magic problems on users who have problems using version 0.11.0

  • Should work on more devices now, to the user who still have problem, the problem should not break all things
  • Storage permission (both runtime permission and appops) will be automatically grant to redirected apps (to avoid magic problem)


In 0.11.0 and later version, we use a completely different method of implementation. The problem that hard-coded /sdcard cannot be redirected is solved. If you have problem using the new version, please contact us for help.

  • A completely different implementation, guarantee that all files will be redirected (Read help in "Help & support" for more detail)
  • Server can be restarted without rebooting (Reboot is required if upgrade from 0.9.x)
  • Add redirected file browser
  • Add logcat
  • Add detailed help
  • Add "verified app" mark which means the app will never write files in non-standard dictionaries
  • Remove "Block writing file" feature since it is unnecessary now
  • Fix bug about link