# Why Enhanced mode is necessary?

Enhanced mode provides the following features:

  1. No longer relying on logcat to detect app process creation
    • Avoid the problem that the app will not be isolated for a short period of time due to the possible delay of the log
    • Avoid the problem that the log is disable (e.g., Huawei EMUI disable log on boot)
  2. Start on boot
    • Avoid the problem that custom systems block start on boot (including but not limited to MIUI)
  3. Block system remount
    • Avoid remount triggered by the behavior of custom systems making the isolation invalid (e.g., MIUI 11)
  4. Record file access behavior for apps
  5. Modify the behavior of MediaProvider and DownloadManger to prevent apps to read/write unaccessiable folders through them

# Performance impact

"Enhanced mode" only has a performance impact that can be ignored.